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QG is a boutique creative E-commerce agency that works with companies to bring their products to markets they didn't even know existed. Our work includes research, strategic planning, ideation, branding, and reselling.

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Using our QG creative system, we find new powerful utilities for your products and develop new designs that strongly resonate with your target audiences. We then launch and sustain innovative marketing campaigns in today’s global marketplace. Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, our technology can help to expand your markets, give you control over your distribution channels and accelerate innovation cycles.

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How To Increase Revenue By Creating Less

Feeling stuck in a rut trying to find effective ways to increase revenue? From creating new products to building excitement for your current brands. But nothing is working? You are not alone! If you are frustrated with ineffective marketing strategies, fear not. Many entrepreneurs have experienced this. It is quite normal, in fact—and some of the easiest and most successful solutions may surprise you!Creative Utility: A Framework for Optimizing Current ResourcesRather than utilizing a large number of external resources to improve company outcomes, our agency created a framework called Creative Utility. Creative Utility can be summed up as a method of reaching new markets without putting in more work than is necessary. Why work hard when you can work smart and achieve a better outcome? Creative Utility allows you to do just this. You can bring more value to the world and increase revenue by using better rather than by doing more. Essentially, Creative Utility aims to get you to work with what you already have by: ***
- Empowering current staff to think creatively
- Marketing existing products for new uses or audiences
- Generating new spins on products rather than creating brand new products***

The Post-It Note: Creative Utility in ActionLet’s dive a little deeper into the concept of Creative Utility with a story.Dr. Silver’s LabIt was like any other day in Dr. Spencer Silver’s lab—or so he thought! Dr. Silver was a 3M scientist tasked with finding a stronger adhesive tape that would hold more weight more reliably than those available at the time. Instead, he accidentally discovered the exact opposite—an easily removable type of sticky bond he called microspheres. Dr. Silver believed this was a complete failure, given the goal he had been trying to achieve, and the invention sat on a shelf for months because he couldn’t find a use for it.Enter Creative Utility!Sometime later, he and a fellow 3M scientist discovered it was not, in fact, a failure. It could be used as a new tool for communication… and this all began when his colleague needed a way to mark the pages in his hymn book more efficiently, without losing the slips of paper he had been using. Eureka! This was the first stage in the development of what we now know as the Post-It note. It filled a niche role that no one even knew was lacking. By working smarter and more creatively with what had already been developed, Silver and his colleagues created a tool that is still used today for studying, jotting notes, project managing, and even pranks. The evolution of usefulness is Creative Utility.We see the concept of Creative Utility used again and again in almost every field!Creative Utility Illustrated by Viral ProductsNew viral products emerge all the time. Think of the phrase, “As Seen on TV,” or imagine the television show Shark Tank. Yes, some fail, but others succeed or transition into a successful product over time with creativity and product development. Many of these products are the result of Creative Utility. Someone invents something for one purpose, and while it may fail at that original purpose, it takes off as something entirely different through creativity! Don’t throw away product “mistakes.” Embrace them! Work smarter with what you have, not harder.

One example of a recent viral product is the recordable button. What, exactly, is a recordable button? Quite simple. It is nothing more than a device shaped as a push button that records your voice then plays it back to you upon pressing the button. Guess what? This “simple” device has generated multi-millions in sales revenue. Why? Creative Utility!As it turns out, the simple recordable button has countless uses! Users have come up with many creative uses, including:
• Communication between dogs and humans: Each button represents a word, and some dogs can actually “speak” full sentences with a set of buttons. It’s amazing!
• Personal motivation: A student recorded a particularly uplifting celebrity speech and plays it back whenever she feels unmotivated. After her witty Tiktok was uploaded, the button stock sold out again!
• The possibilities are endless!
A Simple Yet Potent Framework for SuccessThe Creative Utility framework is simple yet potent. At QG, we have incorporated the framework into our creative system and have found that ideas and new markets are truly everywhere. You just need to be ready to recognize them and utilize the opportunities, and your resources, to your advantage.If you have any questions or interested in our system, click the link below!